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With our team, get your confidential docs/files accurately and pricesely translated into your target language.

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We can assist you in managing your translation projects on any media and in the language of your choice.

You want to sell online and attract potential clients across the World?

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At LINGUA MADA, we pride in assisting you in your commercial quest.

We offer PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATION SERVICES that help bolster your sales’ figure.

Our Services

Translation & Localization

We can help you translate Malagasy, French and English documents respectively to an from these languages.
Our linguistic team is committed to delivering you quality works whatever your area of activity is.


With the AI revolution now trending, machine-translation post-editing has never been so crucial not only for translators but also for any businesses seeking to expand and dig deeper for new growth opportunities.


Transcription is one of the core services offered by LINGUA MADA . Our team of professional trascribers with hands-on experience in handling multiple media formats _ can help you transcribe audio files in French, Malagasy and English.


At LINGUA MADA, we make sure that our work is grammatically and syntaxically checked before we hit the “send button”. We are constantly looking for the highest quality deliverables in every single project that we are assigned to.


Are you looking for someone with knowledge in audio dubbing? Here we can assist you, whether it is for a male or female voice-over project for advertising, movies, webinars, podcasts, documentaries, etc.


LINGUA MADA team also includes interpreters capable of assisting you in various missions, whether it is a field work, tour guiding, business negotiation or conference. We will serve you with the utmost professionalism.

What we do

Business translation

Web, app localization

Technical translation


Legal translation

Quality assessment

Our areas of expertise

 I.T (Information Technology)




Tourism & Travel


Our language pairs



French : More than 274 millions of people use and speak French around the world (80 millions of whom are native speakers.
It’s the fourth most spoken language in the United States, and second in Africa, trailing English.


English : A recent statistics shows that there are about 1.5 billion of people who use and speak English worldwide, 400 millions of whom are native speakers.
It is considered as the world’s primary «lingua franca», the ultimate language for business exchanges.


Malagasy : Malagasy is the national language of Madagascar.
The big island is home to about 24 millions of native residents. Alongside French, this pair of languages plays a vital role in the economic landscape of the country.


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